We have wide range of solutions for you. Are you having an IT requirement and did not find any solution? You can count us in!. We love these problems and we take these challenges personally! So contact us now and let us know how we can help you. Our past projects includes a wide variety of projects from Encryption, Database, VOIP servers, UNIX/Linux/Windows servers, Layer 2/3/4/7 switch and router, BGP4 routing, VPN solutions, to hardware/software/firmware embedded middleware systems in multiple platforms in several programming languages.

Our main products & services:

IT consulting service 
NoteNate – Free note service
VOIP services for international and inter-office calling
Middleware software and hardware solutions (eg. for Polycom HDX and Bosch DCN)


IT consulting service

With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in multiple industry settings, we can provide solutions for you to meet your Business and IT need. Not only we understand the technology, we also understand the business side of things as well. That is the reason why we are sure to be able to be able to deliver best solutions for you.

Are you looking for optimization? We can help you too. For example, if you are an ISP and looking to cut cost of your International backbone connectivity, we can definitely help you. Looking for better VOIP call quality? This also we could help. Basically, we can pretty much do anything you need, we always view it as a challenge.

If you have some things that cannot be done, be sure to contact us immediately!.


Notenate – Free note service

NoteNate (www.notenate.com) offers free Note service where Note can be instantly created by the user.

There are two types of Note:
Public – Anyone can view this note
Private – Note is kept protected with user’s password. Neither password nor real data is stored on the server, so if the password is forgotten, the text cannot be retrieved even by owner of the website.


VOIP services

We provide most efficient high-quality VOIP termination services. This service could help you cut international call costs. All you need is a good Internet connection. You can make calls from your computer, your smart phone and if you have a special VOIP (ATA) box, or IP-PBX, you could also use them to connect to our service.

Why are we so special in this? With the messy routing and delays all over the Internet, many service providers just uses one main server in one single location to serve voice service. However, we have several servers in different locations of the world, including Europe, South-East Asia, Australia, etc. By maintaining these servers and using special technique to route calls, we can handle voice call much more effective and efficiently than other VOIP providers. We support standard codecs like G729, G711, GSM, and also special codecs like iLbc and AMR (upon request) as well.


Middleware hardware solution

We have tested several technologies in the world and many of them are good in their own ways. From our expertise in several programming languages in multiple platforms and in creating embedded programming platform Xduino. We can help you create a bridge between different platforms regardless if it is software, hardware or with another middleware.

Our sample project is that we have tested Polycom HDX videoconferencing system which is known for online videoconferencing quality and reliability with Bosch DCN-CCU systems which is known for ease of installation and reliability. From these, we noticed that they could not work together as the Bosch conference mainly supports Bosch video conferencing system and Polycom HDX system do not provide support for Bosch system. However, with our expertise we have made both systems work together seamlessly by utilizing our Polycom-Bosch middleware hardware platform to connect both the boxes together. As a speaker presses the Bosch mic button to speak, the Polycom DCN system would automatically turn towards that speaker seamlessly as if it is of the same platform.


So if there are other IT problems which could not be solved? Perhaps you could let us know and we can have a look at them!.